Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Mangalore and Kasaragod

Left Malpe early in the morning and headed towards Mangalore, the city that had been in the roadsigns ever since we left Goa in the beginning of our journey. We took a ferry first thing in the morning to cross the river.

On the other side was another long peninsula with a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach all along the coast. The road was really nice and quiet again. So beautiful.

Our breakfast on the road

Kaup Lighthouse

Jason wanted to take a cheesy Indian style picture. They seem to be very fond of this pose at all the tourist spots.

Hindu ritual for Krishna, Rama and Murudeshwara

After this beautiful bike ride on the quiet roads we had to go back to the highway. There was a bigger river that didn't have a ferry service by the sea so we had to go all the way to the highway where we could go over a bridge. Turned out that we had to also stay on the highway all the way to Mangalore. We were on the outskirts of the big city so it was not enjoyable and also I was feeling really tired and it was so hot. After trying to get the bikes on a bus with no success Jason managed to flag down a little three wheeler. They dropped us off to the city center. Awesome!

It was a bumpy ride but only for about 15km. I kept my helmet on!

Finally we got a nice hotel room right next to the mall. I was feeling more and more tired and cold and turned out I had fever. Jason went to the mall to get some food and drinks for me. He came back with fresh Tropicana orange juice and Baskin&Robbins mango ice cream! The next morning I felt much better. For himself J got this Indian wine. So funny...

Enjoying cappucino at the mall

City Centre mall, a little break from India

He is growing a beard!

Jason was also feeling a bit sick in Mangalore so we ended up staying there for four nights. Finally on Monday morning the 26th we were able to get an early start and head off towards Kasaragod in the state of Kerala.

Kasaragod was not very nice. We went straight to the train station and tried to get a train to Kochi the same day but it didn't work out. We were able to book a ticket for the following day at 3pm. We spent the night in a small hotel next to the station and the room was so hot I couldn't sleep at night. Awful.

In the morning we went to Bekal Fort. We were hoping to go for a swim by a restaurant where we could also have lunch.

We saw this nice looking beach in the distance and it looked like a restaurant on the beach with people swimming in front of it. The currents in Karnataka are really strong so its not always a great idea to swim on a deserted beach.

But...then we came to the beach. It looked nice but it wasn't. On the way to the resort we saw a little poo on the sand. Then another one. I thought it might be dogs but no. There was so many poos. The smell was horrible! It was all by a fishing village but by the time we made it to the resort we did not want to go swimming anymore. So gross.

So we decided to play a game of cards and have some ice cream and head off to catch our train.