Monday, 27 February 2012

Temples and ruins... not much else. Lazy days

Well woke up early yesterday for my first yoga experience. It was Ok but i doubt if me and the instructors bodies are made the same way. At one point he was sitting on his head. Show off haha. Well will try it again in Goa. I woke up a little sore today. I think I would like my flexibility to be somewhere between the instructor and where I am now. Which is unable to sit cross legged comfortably. After yoga went for some breakfast and then went to the other side of the river. Saara did some shopping and bought a small leather purse. I need a bag for the camera but will wait. Around 2pm after the heat of the day we thought we would rent a scooter and tour the temples and ruins. It was fun to drive around on a scooter again. Many ruins around 700-600 years old. After that went to Hospet got a little lost and checked out tickets out of here. We decided on a no AC night bus sleeper with the honeymoon bed wooo. We leave tonight to Margao Goa. We leave at 6pm and arrive at 6am. Then the real adventure will begin.   

Lazy monkey just sits around and gets fed by tourists.

Crazy to try and think what this would have looked like 700 years ago maybe tents or wooden structures, markets? All thats left is stone.  


In just over a week there will be color madness. Big ol color fight festival. haha

They built their police station into the ruins. 

Me and my hog.

No pictures no pictures. 

Bath time for norsu. 

Joki rapula. River crab

Saturday, 25 February 2012


We wanted to travel light so here is all our stuff. Jason is pointing at his bag which is a bit bigger than mine so he is carrying a bit of my stuff as well. I think we have done pretty well with the packing.

We saw an elephant taking a bath in the river on our first morning in Hampi. It was really cute!

Later in the afternoon Jason went in for a haircut. In India.Why he just didn't go in Australia I don't know. But he got what he wanted, an Indian haircut. It's pretty short but it will grow back. 

In the evening we walked up to the Hanuman monkey temple.

The temple is on the top of a hill so it had really nice views over Hampi. And of course more monkeys. Jason liked this monkey family. It's pretty cute how the other monkey holds its arm around the other one and the bald baby monkeys are jumping around.

We came to the temple in time to see the sunset. Also here you can see J's new haircut.

In the morning we woke up really early to track down Jason's sandals. In every restaurant here you have to leave your sandals  by the door which is really annoying. So after dinner last night J's sandals were gone. This is not a very big place so we figured that we would have a chance of finding them if we just kept our eyes out for them.

It was really beautiful to see the sun rise behind the hills.

 Ran into a cute puppy!

In the afternoon somebody had come to our guest house reception to give back J's sandals yay! They had taken it by accident cause it was dark or something but he got them back. To celebrate we rented bikes and went to the nearby lake for a swim.

These little kids in the village wanted to get their picture taken. The younger one could barely talk and he ran towards us shouting "photo photo" when he saw our camera...pretty funny.

In the evening we climbed up to a smaller hill to watch the sunset again.

Sandals reunited!

next time it is Jason's turn to write something. haha

Thursday, 23 February 2012


Leaving Kuala Lumpur at night
Mumbai tuktuks

Ticket booked!

lunch at cafe Leopold's. Miss Sydney a bit already!

Gateway of India

Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Some pictures of our trip so far. Jason just got back and found us a nice room for 250 or 300 ruppees while i was sitting in this internet place with our stuff. So gotta go now!

Sleeper class train Mumbai to Hubli

We are now in Hubli waiting for another train to Hospet and from there 12km to Hampi to see some ruins of an ancient city. We took the sleeper class train for the first time and turns out it was quite good. It cost 570 ruppees for the both of us, that is like 9,5 euros. We had some creepy guys sitting with us for the first half hour or so but fortunately a nice Rajasthani family had reserved seats in our compartment. At night it got really cold in the train which was really surprising since it was pretty warm during the day. Luckily we brought some blankets. In the morning we talked with this Indian family and they were on their way to a wedding near Bangalore. From the state of Rajasthan that is like a three day train journey! Wow. We are still feeling the rocking motion after spending 16hrs on the train but to imagine three nights in a row! The women were getting ready for the wedding by decorating their hands with henna tattoos and they offered to do mine as well. It turned out quite well. She just did my left palm which was nice cause I didn't want too much. Then I painted her nails and after she wanted to do my nails as well. Pretty funny. But she wanted to use her purple colour so I think I have to get rid of it since glittery purple is not really my thing.
We have tried to upload some pictures a couple times now but they have not gone through. Will have to try again later. Miss our computers so much little mac babies just sleeping in Kuala Lumpur with our friend Azam. Take good care of them! haha. Also we brought this external hard drive to back up all our pictures but neither of us thought about it before that its formatted for mac only bohoo (Jason says damn you PC world).
Oh and I left my white little shoes on the train :( will have to find new ones somewhere.

Jason is working on his Indian head wobble and he is doing alright. How many ruppees for a bottle of water? Bargaining for everything...

Yay photo upload went through!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

in Mumbai

Nothing too exciting yet slept tried to walk to train station gave up and took a tuktuk. Jumped on a city train to central station and tried to get out of Mumbai as quick as possible. Did manage to get a place on the train from the less than helpful tourist office. Sleeper train overnight to Hampi no AC open windows with bars 3 stacked beds on each side of a compartment. Which should be 6 people per compartment fingers crossed. I have some doubts. Well internet checking out exchange rates so i can bargain hard at changing my money on the black market... Well I say black market and before I used to picture a dark street with currency changing hands in hushed tones but really it is a cigarette stall on a busy corner or a guy standing next to a pile of coconuts with a machete. I think I will use the cigarette guy since we have history and I changed money there last time. Well think i will send this over to Saara to spell check and correct the grammar so it is legible.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Soon off to India

Just in KL Sentral's McDonalds using their free internet to create our first blog! :) Heading off to the airport in an hour. Flying from the fancy KLIA one this time cause we got upgraded to Malaysian Airlines instead of Air Asia yay. Bring on the free food!