Wednesday, 22 February 2012

in Mumbai

Nothing too exciting yet slept tried to walk to train station gave up and took a tuktuk. Jumped on a city train to central station and tried to get out of Mumbai as quick as possible. Did manage to get a place on the train from the less than helpful tourist office. Sleeper train overnight to Hampi no AC open windows with bars 3 stacked beds on each side of a compartment. Which should be 6 people per compartment fingers crossed. I have some doubts. Well internet checking out exchange rates so i can bargain hard at changing my money on the black market... Well I say black market and before I used to picture a dark street with currency changing hands in hushed tones but really it is a cigarette stall on a busy corner or a guy standing next to a pile of coconuts with a machete. I think I will use the cigarette guy since we have history and I changed money there last time. Well think i will send this over to Saara to spell check and correct the grammar so it is legible.

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