Saturday, 25 February 2012


We wanted to travel light so here is all our stuff. Jason is pointing at his bag which is a bit bigger than mine so he is carrying a bit of my stuff as well. I think we have done pretty well with the packing.

We saw an elephant taking a bath in the river on our first morning in Hampi. It was really cute!

Later in the afternoon Jason went in for a haircut. In India.Why he just didn't go in Australia I don't know. But he got what he wanted, an Indian haircut. It's pretty short but it will grow back. 

In the evening we walked up to the Hanuman monkey temple.

The temple is on the top of a hill so it had really nice views over Hampi. And of course more monkeys. Jason liked this monkey family. It's pretty cute how the other monkey holds its arm around the other one and the bald baby monkeys are jumping around.

We came to the temple in time to see the sunset. Also here you can see J's new haircut.

In the morning we woke up really early to track down Jason's sandals. In every restaurant here you have to leave your sandals  by the door which is really annoying. So after dinner last night J's sandals were gone. This is not a very big place so we figured that we would have a chance of finding them if we just kept our eyes out for them.

It was really beautiful to see the sun rise behind the hills.

 Ran into a cute puppy!

In the afternoon somebody had come to our guest house reception to give back J's sandals yay! They had taken it by accident cause it was dark or something but he got them back. To celebrate we rented bikes and went to the nearby lake for a swim.

These little kids in the village wanted to get their picture taken. The younger one could barely talk and he ran towards us shouting "photo photo" when he saw our camera...pretty funny.

In the evening we climbed up to a smaller hill to watch the sunset again.

Sandals reunited!

next time it is Jason's turn to write something. haha

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  1. Wow, really great pictures, very beautiful landscapes! And i love that elephant, so cute:) And the monkeys as well (and of course you guys are cute, too haha :D). So great u also have a blog now :)