Monday, 27 February 2012

Temples and ruins... not much else. Lazy days

Well woke up early yesterday for my first yoga experience. It was Ok but i doubt if me and the instructors bodies are made the same way. At one point he was sitting on his head. Show off haha. Well will try it again in Goa. I woke up a little sore today. I think I would like my flexibility to be somewhere between the instructor and where I am now. Which is unable to sit cross legged comfortably. After yoga went for some breakfast and then went to the other side of the river. Saara did some shopping and bought a small leather purse. I need a bag for the camera but will wait. Around 2pm after the heat of the day we thought we would rent a scooter and tour the temples and ruins. It was fun to drive around on a scooter again. Many ruins around 700-600 years old. After that went to Hospet got a little lost and checked out tickets out of here. We decided on a no AC night bus sleeper with the honeymoon bed wooo. We leave tonight to Margao Goa. We leave at 6pm and arrive at 6am. Then the real adventure will begin.   

Lazy monkey just sits around and gets fed by tourists.

Crazy to try and think what this would have looked like 700 years ago maybe tents or wooden structures, markets? All thats left is stone.  


In just over a week there will be color madness. Big ol color fight festival. haha

They built their police station into the ruins. 

Me and my hog.

No pictures no pictures. 

Bath time for norsu. 

Joki rapula. River crab

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