Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sleeper class train Mumbai to Hubli

We are now in Hubli waiting for another train to Hospet and from there 12km to Hampi to see some ruins of an ancient city. We took the sleeper class train for the first time and turns out it was quite good. It cost 570 ruppees for the both of us, that is like 9,5 euros. We had some creepy guys sitting with us for the first half hour or so but fortunately a nice Rajasthani family had reserved seats in our compartment. At night it got really cold in the train which was really surprising since it was pretty warm during the day. Luckily we brought some blankets. In the morning we talked with this Indian family and they were on their way to a wedding near Bangalore. From the state of Rajasthan that is like a three day train journey! Wow. We are still feeling the rocking motion after spending 16hrs on the train but to imagine three nights in a row! The women were getting ready for the wedding by decorating their hands with henna tattoos and they offered to do mine as well. It turned out quite well. She just did my left palm which was nice cause I didn't want too much. Then I painted her nails and after she wanted to do my nails as well. Pretty funny. But she wanted to use her purple colour so I think I have to get rid of it since glittery purple is not really my thing.
We have tried to upload some pictures a couple times now but they have not gone through. Will have to try again later. Miss our computers so much little mac babies just sleeping in Kuala Lumpur with our friend Azam. Take good care of them! haha. Also we brought this external hard drive to back up all our pictures but neither of us thought about it before that its formatted for mac only bohoo (Jason says damn you PC world).
Oh and I left my white little shoes on the train :( will have to find new ones somewhere.

Jason is working on his Indian head wobble and he is doing alright. How many ruppees for a bottle of water? Bargaining for everything...

Yay photo upload went through!

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