Saturday, 31 March 2012

Eco lodge

We slept in and then had to carry bicycles up the stairs from Om Beach in the heat.

Ferry to cross the river from Tadadi fishing village.

Saaras view.

Waiting for the fishing catch to come in.

Nice views on the top of yet another hill in the heat just before discovering Jason got a flat tire.

Turned out that getting a flat tire was pretty lucky. When we stopped for a cold drink the waiter told us about a nice little Russian beach resort just a few hundred meters from the cafe. So off we went and ended up staying for a few nights. Such a great place!

The beach was so beautiful and clean with white sand..the same beach we saw from Om Beach.

Sergei the Russian designed and made all the huts and eating areas. One of the best parts was being able to drink the tap water.

Saara enjoying ocean views while making riisipuuro or rice porridge.

There was no butter in the village shops but Ghee was a good substitute.

Turned out very well. Chef hard at work.

Our first attempt at hand washing much easier and cheaper think i will get Saara to continue doing it.

Restaurant and view from our window.

Heard this very disturbing squawking noise and found out it was this frog's desperate croaks. In the end the frog got away. I would have bet against that happening. 

The next morning people were erecting a funeral pyre. A 90-year-old man died  in the night and according to Hindu traditions was cremated. No one was sad or crying. They have a different view of death and they believe the soul will move on to another life. We were encouraged to take pictures and to observe their rituals. We talked to the nephew of the deceased and he informed us that this is where the cremations usually take place and after the ashes are scattered into the ocean.

After two or three hours the fire went out. 

Our hut
geeky J with his headlamp haha
We could have spent a lot longer in this place but decided to go on since there is many more places to discover..

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