Sunday, 18 March 2012

Honey Beach

After a long day of throwing color at Karwar we cycled towards Ankola. When we got there everything seemed to be closed and there was no accommodation to be seen. We were asking people where to stay and some Indian guy told us Honey Beach just about 4km away has a restaurant and lodging as they call it here. Turns out it was more like 14km but a lovely find, we were happy.

Set our tent up on the beach and camped for the first time in India. And it was free!!

Breakfast potturieska, or aloo paratha

Besides us there was just a Swiss couple and a Swedish-Irish couple and a few Russians for the first days. What a great place!

There was no sunshades around so we made our own.


We had a fresh water lagoon by our tent for showering..

Was hard to leave this place but we moved on eventually after three nights.

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