Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Gokarn and Om Beach

The bike ride from Honey Beach to Gokarna was only something like 20 km or so but it was so hilly. Especially the last bit just 6 km from Gokarn town to Om Beach was a massive uphill.

Took this little boat over the river from a fishing village

Jason says this is the work site safety officer..haha

We had to walk our bicycles up the hill for most of the time from Gokarn to Om Beach. And it was hot.

In the end we made it all the way up and had this beautiful scenery.

Sunset at Om Beach

Around the peninsula there are a couple of beaches. We walked to Halfmoon Beach just about 20-30min walk away from Om Beach over the hill. In the distance we saw this beautiful long stretch of white sandy beach and wondered if there's anything there. Nothing according to the Lonely Planet. We planned to go and see for ourselves with the bicycles.

Another 20 min walk from Halfmoon there is Paradise Beach. This beach didn't have any huts or restaurants because the Karnataka state law doesn't allow any permanent structure on this area. There was just some hippies camping out in their self-made tents. Apparently there was some huts and restaurants before but sometime this winter the police or someone came and forced them to close and knocked the buildings down.

So many doggies on Om Beach

Our room

The locals seemed to love to roll in the sand.

There was so many cows on the beach

Like many beach places in India, this one didn't have an ATM and we were about to run out of cash. This required a trip to Gokarn town. It was also nice to see more of the town because so many hindu pilgrims come there.

Om Beach was a nice break from biking, just relaxing. Met some very nice people there as well :)

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