Thursday, 2 August 2012


Kira shop!

Seoul metro

Their garages are too small..

Nice old neighborhood.

We met up with Jason's friend Yunkyung who he met in Australia years ago.

Couchsurfing event, a night out in busy Hongdae

J is showing his moves

The streets of Hongdae are very interesting.

There's lots of shops and restaurants and crazy stuff.

Photo spot. That was the spot where we were allowed to take pictures!

We went to the Korean museum and it was huge and free as well. Very interesting but by towards the end it started to feel like too much information. Would need much more time to see it all.

Lena, Daniela, me, Jason and Yunkyung in the museum

After a long day of sightseeing we were invited to a BBQ at a couchsurfing host Aaron's house.

There was beautiful views over Seoul and the Han river from the rooftop.

cute puppy sized full grown Rooney doggie!

Korean BBQ on Aaron's rooftop, nice!

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