Monday, 13 August 2012

Vancouver 28.-30.6.


Finally the day came when we flew into my boyfriend's home land. So exciting! 

My first picture of Canada

The flight from Seoul to Vancouver was about 9 hours but we flew over the international date line so we were pretty confused with the time difference. Our flight left from Seoul on Thursday the 28th of June around 6pm Korean time but yet we landed in Vancouver also on Thursday at about 12pm, so that is six hours before we left. Confusing. An afternoon nap was inevitable.

We were staying close to Gastown in downtown Vancouver

We took the Skytrain from the airport to downtown and walked to our little guest house with the unbelievable amount of luggage we had. The weather in Vancouver was pretty cold after months of the above +30's. Back to jeans and sweaters and scarves! Later I had to take out my blazer as well.

I am the tourist

Jason was kind of a tourist in Vancouver as well because he hadn't been there for years! Always just traveling through. We spent two nights in Vancouver so we got to see some of the sights downtown. Unfortunately it was raining on our first day so we mostly stayed indoors looking around in malls.

By the evening the rain had stopped so we headed out for dinner. It was so nice to have "normal" western restaurant food after months of being in Asia.

fresh salads and nice red wine! yum!

On our second day in Vancouver the sky was overcast but it wasn't raining. We decided to head to Stanley Park and walk around downtown.

The land of the Canada geese! They are everywhere

We saw some totem poles in Stanley Park.

After Stanley Park we walked around the city towards Granville Island.

I didn't know they had palm trees in Canada! Awesome!

Maple leaves everywhere..

In the afternoon it cleared out and it was sunny and warm for a bit, nice!

The mountain peaks were mostly covered with clouds though.

Our last day in Vancouver we met up with Jason's dad Russ! He had come to Vancouver the night before to visit some family before heading to the island for the summer. We went to the Vancouver art gallery together. 

dad and son

After the gallery we went to see Jason's dad side's family for a bit. After that we headed to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal to go to Victoria, Vancouver Island! 

Waiting for our ferry to Victoria

 As soon as we got to the ferry the rain stopped and the sky started to clear. 

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