Thursday, 30 August 2012

Victoria 30.6.-3.7.

Jason on his way home!

The ferry ride from Vancouver to The Island was really beautiful. We also saw killer whales on the way but they were super far, all I could see was just tiny black dots.

On the 1st of July we went downtown and Jason showed me around in beautiful Victoria.

1st of July is Canada day so everyone was dressed in red and white and there was maple leaves everywhere.

In the evening we went out to see the Canada day fireworks in the Victoria Inner harbour. The parliament building was beautifully lit at night.

The next day it was a bit rainy so we went to the BC museum. It was really good and the exhibits were really interactive and interestingly built. I would go there again any time. 

In front of The Empress hotel

Jason's parents and his sister came to pick us up from Victoria to go to Courtenay. We went for lunch together to a nice restaurant.

 After lunch we did some more sightseeing in Victoria. 

Spotted my first Canadian deer

We went to see seals in the sailing club. They are wild but they come to the harbour because people can feed them there. They were so funny splashing their fins on the water to get some fish from the people who were feeding them. I had never seen wild seals before so it was really cool! They look so funny.

 In the evening we headed to the Swan Pub for some beers before heading to Courtenay. There was a live band playing swing/blues.

Beautiful moonlit drive to Courtenay

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