Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bako National Park

We went for a few beers in Kuching with some people in our hostel and made a plan to head to Bako National Park the next day.

We took a city bus that went to a jetty and from there took a speedy little boat. We were planning on sharing one tiny little camp bed but luckily enough there were 2 beds available with  Sally and Kat two very nice English doctors. After getting our lodging settled we went off to a beach in search of the big nose monkeys.

now that's comforting!

"Wild" piggies by the park HQ

The local name for the proboscis monkeys is 'orang belanda', meaning 'Dutchman'. Indonesians say that with their big noses and red faces, they resemble the Dutch who used to have colonial control over Indonesia" -Wikipedia

Spotted some nose monkeys by the beach

CAUTION these monkeys are vicious!

After sunset we went on a night walk in the jungle. We saw a flying lemur and two mouse deers but were not able to get a picture of them though.


poisonous froggie

In the morning some proboscis monkeys were hanging out by the park headquarters.

After breakfast we started our trek to the waterfall and then completed The Big Loop, about 13-14km trek in the jungle.

Swimming by the waterfall

Frisbee break on the very isolated beach

Pitcher plant it eats bugs

Towards the end of the trek the path got more interesting...

After the great trip to Bako National Park we went back to Kuching. The next day we went to see orangutans in the nearby Semenggoh nature reserve.

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