Saturday, 16 June 2012

Sukau & Sandakan, Bye bye Borneo

We went for a boat cruise on Kinabatangan river to see some jungle and wildlife.

We saw Proboscis monkeys again!

It was really hot haha good that the boat provided some umbrellas!

We saw Borneo pygmy elephants! They are really rare so we were very lucky. There is only about 1000 of them.

We saw four elephants so thats 0.4% of the entire population. They are so cute! The bigger ones were smaller than 2m and the baby one was almost half that.


enjoying the ride

our guest house in Sukau

On Friday morning we took a minibus to Sandakan.


Sandakan is a nice town by the ocean. The harbourside had lots of restaurants and in the evening we caught the end of the Ireland-Spain football game in one of them.

On Saturday morning we headed to the airport to fly back to KL.

The airport looked almost like a cathedral
We took our last flight with Air Asia for a while. We have flown them eight times this spring and the flights have been always on time. Pretty good!

Back at KL LCCT airport we headed to the kiosk that sells Finnish Fazer chocolates! Yummy!

Then it was time to say goodbye to Air Asia and LCCT airport since we are flying to Korea from the KLIA airport, or the "real" airport. So many good memories from this airport and we don't know when we will be back. But we will be back for sure!

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