Saturday, 16 June 2012

Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is quite a big city but also very tourist friendly. We spent three days here just looking around and making plans for the rest of our trip.

We went to see the market by the sea in KK as people more commonly call the city. There we saw some durian vendors so I had to try it. Everyone has tried it and it is quite a common subject among travelers in Southeast Asia to talk about the taste of durian fruit. It wasn't so bad and my thoughts were that it didn't taste like baby vomit as Jason had told me.

Poor seahorses would have much rather seen them in the ocean.

KK gets beautiful sunsets and the best spot for viewing them is the waterfront restaurants.

We relaxed after a day of doing not much and enjoyed some beer and made notes to the travel journal, wrote some postcards and just chitter-chattered and jibber-jabbered....

Next day we did a trip to the Tunku Abdul Rahman park, or the TAR park. We visited Mamutik island and had a nice beach day.

Mount Kinabalu in the distance

And another beautiful KK sunset.

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